Kodak 40 inch Smart Tv Review

Kodak 102 cm (40 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV 40FHDXSMART PRO (Black) Review


While buying a budget TV with all features included. Most people will get confused about choosing a good TV brand.

In this Review, I will be giving a few reasons on why to choose to buy this Kodak Smart Tv.

I am writing this article after using my Kodak Smart Tv for 3+ Years). Which is New Edition Kodak Smart Tv.

Every feature is TESTED Personally & Works 100% Perfectly.

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5 Advantages of having Kodak Smart Tv’s :

1. What makes a TV Smarter: As every Smart Tv comes with Wifi Connectivity that’s what makes it a smart tv. And even more features as Miracast, playing youtube videos, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc can be played seamlessly in this Kodak Smart TVs.

2. Big Screens at Reasonable Prices from most trusted brands from years.

3. Having a Smart Tv Tag doesn’t mean its smarter always, Not all Smart TV’s handle every app installed in it, having the latest versions of Kodak Tv’s has the ability to handle and use them cause every Tv is been designed with the latest technology with excellent capacity of minimum 1 GB ram and above to open an app and navigate easily.

4. Contrast and Brightness levels are major things to check before buying a TV and Kodak Tv has 3 Mode Settings to set in LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH Levels which make the picture quality brighter and clearer as per our requirement.

5. Customer Support: Every city has many branches of Kodak Service Centers which are listed on their website(Kodak service center branch link).

If Tv is under service warranty issue will be solved in 2 working days or contacting any branded Tv expert will also solve the issue if anything that needs to be checked. but I can guarantee that you won’t be having any issue with this Kodak Smart TVs.


10 Things to know on why to buy Kodak Smart TVs:

1. Brand Value: As we all know that Kodak brand for its Camera Products. which has been founded in the year 1888, US. Now in recent years, it has stepped into Television Products and again proved itself by providing Kodak Smart Tvs with excellent features in Budget.

2. Built-in Quality: The quality of the product is genuinely good and we will definitely have a feeling that the value of money is fulfilled because of the A+ Grade material that has been used in creating.

3. Tv Features: First thing I want to mention is:

• Wifi Connectivity. (No buffering will be found while watching Youtube/Amazon Prime/Netflix videos directly from WIFI connectivity.
Mira Casting: (Mobile to Tv screen sharing, works excellent)
• HDMI Connectivity (can connect your computer to Tv).
USB Connectivity: (can watch videos/movies just by connecting Pendrive).
• You can connect your Computer Speakers/Woofer system to this Kodak TV.
Refresh Rate is something to be considered while buying a Tv cause the faster the refresh rate the easy the video plays without any pixels visible while watching videos or cable.

4. Sound Quality: The default sound quality which we get out of the box is of 20 Watts Output, which is basically enough for watching cable network channels.
But for Extra Bass Sound experience use 4.1 or 5.1 Home Theaters.

My Recommendations:
1. Sony SA-D40 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speaker System with Bluetooth (Black) – (Click to view on Amazon)
2. Zebronics Zeb-SW3490RUCF 4.1 Multi Media Speaker with USB and SD Card Input, FM – (Click to view on Amazon)

5. Tv Video Quality: The one which I bought is Kodak 40 inch Smart Tv which I found value for the money has fulfilled because of the quality output from my Full HD TV is extremely excellent.

Even while watching videos from Youtube we can expect great quality output, and an additional feature which can be seen in New Edition Kodak Smart Tv’s is that we have full control on the quality which we can select in Youtube Video(360P, 480P, 720p,1080p) can be selected as per our requirement.

This feature is most useful when our Wifi Speed is slow we can select the low version of the video for playing video seamlessly.

6. Energy Consumption: I see no noticeable change in increasing my power bill.

7. Is Stabilizer Needed for Kodak Tv: No, as I have been using the Kodak TV for 3+ years I never used a stabilizer for my (Kodak 40 Inch Smart Tv)and I never faced any issue.
But if you consider using it then try this (V-Guard Best Seller Stabilizer).

8. Viewing Angles: Even at 70-80 Degrees we can clearly see the picture.

9. Remote Quality: Works fine !!  No button issues even after 3+ years.

10. Plug & Play Devices: I’m personally using Amazon Fire Stick for one year with my Kodak Tv and its as simple as plugging a Pendrive and watching our favorite videos.

Along with kodak Smart Tv, we also get,
1. Remote with batteries
2. Tv Stand set
3. kodak Tv manual

Individually each variant of this kodak smart tv’s are perfect to buy for its budget and features. My favorite & which I personally use is Kodak 40 Inch Smart Tv the best among to buy cause 40 inch is a big screen and the features we get at the around the price of 15000/- rs is something to be considered buying.

Tip: Buying a Wall-Mount kit will be safer, as Tv Stands are movable thus makes Tv fall down.

All the new version kodak smart tv’s comes with Preloaded Youtube, Netflix, Amazon prime video, Hotstar, Zee5, Jio Cinema & many more. Almost every necessary apps are installed in Kodak Tv App store.

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