Omron HEM 7130L Fully Automatic Digital Blood Pressure Monitor Review:

Features: Large Cuff | Intellisense Technology | Body movement detection

omron hem 7130 L review

Omron HEM 7130 L Review:

Omron hem 7130 L Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor is an easy and compact device for checking your daily blood pressure levels through upper arm blood pressure measurement easily.

This device works on the oscillometric principle, which proved to measure the blood pressure and pulse rate and provide accurate results.

This Omron 7130 L BP Monitor is an advanced version with additional features compared to the previous model.

Wide Arm Cuff: Omron 7130 L Device comes with a pack of Large Cuff that covers from22 – 42 cm around the arm.

Body Movement Detection: This feature allows the user to re-take the measurement test in case any error occurs due to body movement.

Irregular Heartbeat Detection is also measured & displayed on the LCD Screen of this Omron HEM 7130L Device.

Minimum Pulse Measurement Range: 40 beats/min
Maximum Pulse Measurement Range: 180 beats/min.

Omron hem 7130 L is designed to provide accurate results with features like IntelliSense technology, Hypertension indicator, and proved to show results of systolic, diastolic pressure & heartbeat rhythm accurately.

Scientifically, BP Monitors are called as Sphygmomanometer.

Omron 7130 L blood pressure monitor is a Simple One-Touch Operation device, which allows anyone to easily understand and operate on a daily basis.

Omron BP monitor 7130L device can memorize 60 sets(2 Months) of BP Measurements with Date/Time in the device. Which is useful to checkback the Measurements for tracking purposes.

Also Displays the average of last 3 readings which are taken within 10 mins.

Omron 7130 L blood pressure monitor is the Most Recommended Brand by Doctors based on surveys made on 600 doctors across various countries including India.

Omron hem 7130 L BP Monitor comes with USB Plug and 4 Rechargeable Batteries so that we can connect it with PC, Laptop & tablet and recharge the device.

Omron is a well-known brand for 50 years in producing Best BP Monitor in India.


Omron HEM-7130 L Features:

  • Intellisense Technology: This is an exclusive patented feature that is only available in Omron Devices which ensures comfort & accuracy in results.
  • Large LCD Display shows our results clearly on the screen of this device.
  • Body Movement Detection alerts us to adjust and re-test for accurate measurement levels.
  • Durable Device with Longer battery Life is guaranteed.
  • It can be connected with your smartphone and monitor.
  • Weight: 703 grams
  • Warranty of 5 Years on the product.

How to take measurement ?

  • Need to sit on the chair with feet flat on the ground.
  • Back Posture has to be stiff and straight.
  • Arm Cuff Posture has to be proportionate to the level of the heart.
omron hem 7130 L Measurement process

Omron hem 7130 L BP Monitor Price:

The price of the Omron hem 7130 L device varies from one to another. But Amazon offers the best price compared to any other online platform.


After buying the product from any platform, we need to register here, to activate the 5 Year Warranty of this product.

The compatible AC Adapter for all Omron Blood Pressure Monitors to charge the Omron 7130 L blood pressure monitor.

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