Resonate RouterUPS CRU12V2 Power Backup for Wi-Fi Router (Black) Review

Features: 4 Hours of Wifi Backup | Intelligent Charging | Certified Product

Resonate Router Ups CRU12v2 Review:

resonate router ups review

Basically, It’s a UPS specifically for Wifi-Routers from stopping the wifi router to shut down by the sudden power cuts.

Firstly, Before making the decision on buying this resonate router ups, let’s be clear on why this product is useful and who needs to buy it.

Resonate Router UPS cru12v2a is the only Best router UPS that is available in the present market & also its the Best Selling Wifi-router UPS in Amazon.

Resonate Routerups comes with 3 different models that support the routers of  5V, 9V, 12V powered WiFi, Wi-Fi/ADSL Router. So, Before buying this product ensure to buy the correct compatible model for your wifi-router. (See compatible table below).

Why one should have a Wifi-Router UPS?

We all have experienced sudden power cuts by which our process of,

1. Work from Home will get interrupted.
2. The process of bank transactions will get stopped.
3. Video Calls will end.
4. Playing mobile games will stop in the middle.
5. Watching Movies/Prime/Shows will get stopped in the middle. and many more…

But by having Resonate router ups cru12v2 we get a 4 Hours backup to the Wifi-Router by which none of the above-listed processes will get interrupted. and we know that a blip of a second power cut is enough to ruin your work that we do on the internet.

By having resonate wifi router ups we will be having peace of mind in not getting bothered by any kind of interruptions in our daily works.

Smart Charging is an amazing feature that comes with this wifi-routers to automatically charge the batteries of the UPS for long durability and uninterrupted network connectivity.


Compatibility table to buy the suitable resonate wifi router ups for your wifi:

Suitable Wifi- RouterUPS ModelIf your router input isadapter output power ratings is
Resonate Routerups CRU12V2A12V<2A
Resonate Routerups CRU9V9V<1A
Resonate Routerups CRU5V5V<2A
*Router input/output values are basically written backside of your wifi-router.

resonate router ups

Features of Resonate Routerups CRU12V2A RouterUPS :

RouterUPS ColourBlack
Weight of product390 g
Package Dimensions15.6 x 10 x 5.2 cm
Batteries2 Lithium ion batteries. (included in the package)
Average Battery Life4 Hours
Pack Includes1 RouterUPS, 4 Bridge Cables, 1 Instruction Manual, 1 Warranty Card
Warranty: One year from the date of purchase.

Below are the suitable wifi-routers that are compatible with the Resonate Router ups models:
Combo Pack (WIFI-Router + Resonate RouterUps)Link to Amazon
TP-Link N450 Router and Resonate CRU12V2 Router UPS  Amazon click button
TP-Link N300 Router and Resonate CRU9V Router UPS  Amazon click button
D-Link Router and Resonate CRU12V2 Router UPS  Amazon click button

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