Sony DAV-TZ145 Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital DVD Home Theatre System Review

Features: 360W Power output | 60 Watts Sub-Woofer | Dolby Audio

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Sony DAV TZ145 Review

This article has been written purely based on interacting with live people and knowing their views on this product, who has been using this product for a year and more.

Basically, Sony DAV tz145 Home theater is a Budget Home theater from Sony, Which is a well-known brand for introducing High-Quality Home theaters for decades. We all know that we can blindly trust the sony brand by expecting amazing high-quality audio and bass from their products.

This Sony home theatre tz145 is one of the best 5.1 speaker channels which is available in amazon.

Sony dav tz145 price is also very optimal to buy and this product is the #1 Best Seller in Amazon as most visitors chose to buy it.

Features Included:

1. 360W Power output (RMS)
2. 60 Watts Sub-Woofer
3. Plug & Play (Connect USB, DVD, CD)
4. BRAVIA Sync
5. HDMI Output
6. Dolby Audio
7. FM

Sony dav tz145 Home theater comes with the newest innovation to generate HD video quality & excellent audio and bass output, By utilizing the S-Master Digital Amplifier.

This sony home theatre tz145 is best suitable for families and bachelors who are movie and music lovers as the audio quality and bass effect get the real feel out of the movie experience.

Sony dav tz145 Home Theatre System comes with accessories that include:

◘ 5 Speakers
◘ 1 Subwoofer
◘ 1 Remote control
◘ 2 Batteries
◘ 1 FM antenna
◘ 1 Video cord
◘ 5 Speaker cords

Excellent Bass & Sound QualityBest suitable for those who don’t prefer Bluetooth.
Budget Price Product from Sony
Best Selling Product in Amazon
Can Connect to TV or Computer easily
The durability of the product is awesome, as users are been using it for years without any complaint.
Surrounded Sound

sony dav tz145 guide to place speakers

This is a product of Sony and at this budget pricing we cannot expect every feature to be present in it but as a final thought, I suggest to only buy if you are expecting an excellent sound and bass quality, cause at this price this is the best sony home theater that is available in the market.

Buyer’s Views:

The users of this sony tz145 home theater have suggested buying this product for those who are looking for excellent bass and sound quality at a budget pricing of around 10k in India.

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