TP-LINK TL-WR940N Wireless-N450 Home Router Review

Features: Speed of 450 Mbps/Sec | Wifi Coverage upto 30 – 40 feet.

Tp-Link N450 wi-fi router review

Firstly this TP-Link N450 (TL-WR940N) Wifi Router is suitable for Home and Offices that work very effectively.

Tp-Link N450 wi-fi router has a speed of 450 Mbps/Sec, which is great for seamless transmission of data from the internet, by which we can easily watch HD Video streaming, Play Online Games without any lags and VoIP(Voice over IP) feature are the highlights of this tp-link n450 router.

tp-link n450 wi-fi router comes with 3 antennas for increased coverage of more than 30 – 40 feet & maintains the stability of internet flow. This tp-link n450 wi-fi router is the best tp-link router that is available in 2020. Because of the features that are available for the budget price.

With the TP-LINK TL-WR940N Wireless-N450 Home Router, we can connect multiple devices and use all at once, and still, there won’t be any lag, unless kept a heavy file download.

The Minimum System Requirement to use the TL-Link N450 router are:
Microsoft® Windows® 98SE, NT, 2000, XP, VistaTM or Windows 7, Windows8/8.1/10, MAC® OS, NetWare®, UNIX®, or Linux.

Parental controls are the best feature that is available in the wifi routers for restricting from opening the low rated and spam websites that can be opened by children and office employees.


No of Ports5
Data Transfer Speed450 Mbps/Sec
Weight0.5 kg (Very Light Weight)
App AvailableYes
Parental controlsAvailable
Warranty: The Tp-Link n450 wi-fi router has a 2 Years Warranty.

TP Link n450 Router Setup Process:

Setting up this tp-link n450 wi-fi router is very easy.

Step 1:
Connect the Router to the PC.

Step 2:
Connect the Internet Source Wire to the Router.

Now, the computer will automatically detect the tp link n450 router and launch the wifi settings for finishing the setup process.


These days the wifi routers are very essential to have it in our home and offices as all our work and fun activities are around the internet, which is by working from home or playing an online game on mobile or PC has been a routine.

To fulfill all the purposes, We recommend Tp-Link n450 wi-fi router to buy, and also this is the Best Selling product in the Market Right Now.


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