Zebronics BT4440RUCF 4.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers Review

Features : (Bluetooth, FM, Pendrive, AUX connectivity)

This product of zebronics bt4440rucf 4.1 is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon with thousands of sales that happen every year in India.

This is a review written after using this zebronics home theater 4.1 with Bluetooth for about 1 year now.

Brand Introduction:
Zebronics is a brand that’s well known for introducing quality audio electronic devices since 1997.

Attractive Design:
Zebronics speaker comes with a glossy finish design that looks very attractive also adds a rich look to it.

zebronics home theater 4.1 with bluetooth

Remote Controller:
All the required buttons are available in remote that operates every feature with easy simple click buttons. The remote comes with high-quality material that’s durable.

Suitable for Families & Bachelors:
This zebronics home theater 4.1 with Bluetooth is most suitable for connecting it to TV and computer speakers.

In-Built Features:
1. Bluetooth
2. Built-in FM
3. LED Display
4. Supports USB pen drive & SD/MMC card
5. AUX connectivity

1. Bluetooth:
This feature is useful to play songs or any audio from your mobile phone just by connecting it to this zebronics speaker using Bluetooth.

2. Built-in FM:
We know that usage of FM at home has drastically fallen but having this feature is still good cause old people and few other people show interest in listening to songs through FM.

3. LED Display:
We get to see the options on the display of the speaker to navigate it with the remote controller.

4. Supports USB Pen drive & SD/MMC card:
External connectivity like pen drives, memory cards can also be kept to this zebronics bt4440rucf 4.1 speakers and seamlessly play the music.

5. AUX Cable Connectivity:
Aux Cable is used to connect your LED TV with this zebronics bt4440rucf 4.1 speakers. 1 meter long Aux Cable is also included with this Zebronic speakers.

Low PriceNo Cons
Good Design
Sound Quality
Long Durability

Sound Quality:
Zebronics home theater 4.1 with Bluetooth is a beast in producing high-quality bass sound while watching TV or while playing songs.

4 Ohms sub-woofer and 72dB of signal noise ratio will produce an excellent quality sound output.
As mentioned above this is the #1 Best Seller Home Theater in Amazon for which most people are willing to buy this product for its features at a budget price.

1-year warranty & Warranty is not on physical damage & accessories.

My final thought on this product is that I have been using this product for over 1 year now and the features that we get in this price range are definitely to be considered in buying this product.


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